Who Told You?

I got to ask one of my friends one of my very favourite questions that day: who told you?

If ever you hear yourself spinning your wheels and maybe feeling some shame, it's a good question to ask. Who told you? Who told you a good Christian serves in at least two ministries? Who told you it's lame to admit defeat? Who told you the way to be a successful host is to have a printed menu at the party?

No seriously though: What's that thing that pulls at you, like a rip in your favourite top, slowly growing to the point that the hole is massive and you can't wear it anymore?

Who told you? Who told you? Who told you?

Name it. Say it aloud. WHO? Was it yourself? Your aunt? Your friend? That lady who doesn't know you? That lady who does?

Unless the words you're attempting to live up to are in line with the Word of God, it's time to go walk in some freedom and say NOPE (throw out that hole infested shirt and throw on some freedom).

I told you it was my favourite phrase. It's the freedom phrase.

Most of what I post on here these days is scheduled weeks in advance. My school semesters are too full at this stage in my degree to allow me to pop in here as often as I'd like. But I'm so glad you are here.