Oh gosh, I am so very glad you are here. This day has been a long one coming.

I'm pumped about this new site and have a TON of  ideas in my mind for ways for this space to grow. I'm all about using the internet for good, because I think Jesus is Lord of the internet, not just the entire universe.

There's a lot of murky grumpiness and cruelty and a whole lot of other nastiness that lives on the internet, but I think it's mighty possible to be a light.

Back LAST summer, I decided that I wanted a new design. That worked for a quick fix, but ultimately, I wanted a new site. I wanted to create a website that I considered beautiful, that looked the way I wanted, and that optimally felt less like a blog.

I'm not sure if that makes sense, but really,

I just wanted to create a better space to swap stories of redemption and grace.

This is that space! Have you clicked around yet?

If you click the heart looking image, it'll take you to the welcome page. The writings is how you're here, so good job on figuring that out!

The heart of no longer having a blog is that I'm tired of simply writing an online journal. I don't want to just write words that matter to me, or that are just an outpouring of emotion. I want to be intentional about every word I'm sharing on this site - I want to share the Gospel with more accuracy and intentionality. So thus, the blog is now under writings.

Do you know the story of the heart? Click over there to read it.

The about Nadine part feels redundant to talk about. Right? Though, it's a little less about me, and more about the grace I walk very freely in.

Then comes the extras section!  You can read words I've shared elsewhere, learn about having your blog/shop featured on nadinewouldsay, and hear some songs I've covered and written.

Last is the contact section, and then an easy way to follow along (and connect!) through various social medias.

I'll be back soon to share about the direction my writing is taking and give some updates on when you can expect new content here.

Leave me a comment to let me know you've stopped in! Let me know what you like most about the site, and let me know the topics you're hoping I'll start writing.

It's a new era for nadinewouldsay and I'm glad you're here for it.