Can you imagine if someone said that they wanted to get better at drawing and that they were going to get better at drawing by thinking about drawing? Or if someone said they really wanted to be an excellent chef and figured that the way to be an excellent chef was to keep eating take-out?

That would be silly. Obviously. Yet I notice that some of us kind of live that way when it comes to spiritual growth. I say us because I know my own tendency to want God more than I seek God.

I mentioned previously about intimacy with the Lord and how I think it’s often up to us to lean in. I say that because I know that Jesus has offered us His whole self. How do I know that? Well, Jesus died for us. He gave up the privilege of Heaven and came here to earth and gave us the right to be called daughters. We get to know God! We get to intimately be known by the Lord of the universe. That should shift every single thing about our lives!

Why do I say all of this? It’s because I keep glancing at women as we chat over coffee and I hear a longing for more with little action. And I get it because I’m the same way.

I want God to teach me within my understanding.

But that is not His way. His way is higher, deeper, wider, better! His way is true and it’s for my joy to love Him with my whole heart.

The best way I know to get my heart quickly excited about the Lord (and ready to seek Him for MORE of Himself) is to remind myself of how the scriptures teach that the work is done. Jesus finished all of the work for our salvation and eternal security on the cross. And because the work is done we get to work! We get to as a show of love to our God, demonstrate our faith. We get to live out the things Jesus told us to do. We get to learn the Bible, memorize truth, fast and feast and praise God in every moment of our lives.

Are you? How is your spiritual life? Is Jesus your first thought? If I was face-to-face with you I’d ask you that. I’d ask you how things are going. Not because I’m judging you or because I don't struggle in this but because I really believe that God loves you a lot and He is ready for you to take a big ‘ol step deeper into His love. And I'm trying to take steps forward too.

An earlier version of this piece first appeared here.