Waiting for the Morning

Psalm 130 speaks of a soul waiting upon the Lord and hoping in His Word like a watchman waiting for the morning. A watchman would keep his eyes open for the duration of the night for the sake of his city. He would be looking out, hoping to not see any danger, but willing to shout aloud and warn the city if anything came into his view.

However, his hope would come to fruition each morning when the dawn broke and light was shining because he would no longer have to look into darkness. Instead he could rest easy because the watching and waiting would be over. He would have spent his entire night shift waiting for the morning. He might have spent the time praying for time to pass safely and for the sun to arrive.

We wait upon the Lord like a watchman. We’re waiting for the dawn to break and His promises to come true.

And until they do, our eyes are constantly open; we live alert to a living hope, praying for our Christ to come back.

This is my prayer: come Lord Jesus.