The Wide Spectrum of Vulnerability

We sat in the cafe, discussing our testimonies. She had gone first and after I had shared, she commented on my ability to be vulnerable. I chuckled inside because everything that I had shared had not felt vulnerable to me. It was my story and most of it was past-tense. The words I had shared were the easy parts because they were done.

Vulnerability for me looks different. It's falling asleep in a room full of people hanging out, something I think I have yet to do. It's saying something inappropriate instead of the right thing. Vulnerability for me is admitting the lies I am believing this minute.

I related it, to my friend, and so I'll share it here, to fitness. This friend is very fit. She has played sports for years and has largely been raised up to be healthy. I'm not like that. I am not fit and while I am working to become a healthy person, I was not raised up to be healthy. So a fitness challenge will look different for us.

Which fitness challenge is greater? A marathon for a seasoned athlete or running for five minutes for an unseasoned one? For real though, which challenge is greater?

I think vulnerability is like that. If anything is fluid, it is vulnerability.

Circumstances dictate vulnerability. Past experiences write future ones.

We can all be vulnerable. But vulnerability is a spectrum word, one that does and should sound different for me and for you.

Be kinder than you deem necessary when someone shares that what they're about to say requires vulnerable. Trust that if they say it is hard, they likely are not lying. And if you feel a prompt from the Spirit to help them go deeper, extend some kindness and be willing to go first.