Unknown Destinations

Noticers go into the unknown boldly nadinewouldsay

Noticers are brave. They go first.

Noticers remember instead of regret.  They move on.

Noticers are willing. They speak up.

Noticers take steps forward even if the destination is unknown.

How are you doing? This has been a process for me, writing all these things out, thinking on one topic all the time. What else should I touch on? I'm not short of ideas (I am an IDEA machine!) but I sure don't want to miss out in responding to thoughts others have, in answering questions that you might be feeling. I want to walk boldly within this topic I'm exploring but I never want to write as if my head is in the clouds, unaware of the fact that others are processing too.

Noticing is something I am just beginning to write on but that I have introspectively thought on for months.

Also? Thursday's post freaked me out to share. It was a moment of choosing bravery over fear, because nearly calling something nearly everybody does an almost sin is um, well, let's just call that risky and terrifying.

So today's post is a little less heavy, and a little more, big breath in, hold it for awhile, let it out. That alright? It's Saturday so I figured maybe a bit of a grace day would be nice.

How are you? If I could, I'd look you in the eye, watch how your hands act while you answer, watch how you breathe as you respond. I'd listen and wait until you were done. Let's just pretend that is where we are okay? Okay.

Comment below. I'd sure love to know how this month is treating you.

Are you a noticer? I hope so.