I am more and more convinced all the time that God's process of making ALL things new involves Him looking each dead thing straight in the face and then taking it away and destroying it completely. He will not let deadness remain near His own. He will rip anything away that is not good.

I feel right in the thick of His face staring into my soul, deeper than I knew He would ever look.

Thoughts so close to me that I didn't know they were thoughts. I just knew they were my truth. But He's writing Truth in their place.

His pen is mightier than mine. His scalpel is purity itself. Whatever is True, He is teaching me to think of such things.

God is messing me up and I am here for it. Because even if I am not, His plans will never fail. So I might as well whisper Amen to the ONLY One who gave His life so that anyone can be saved.

These thoughts feel muddled and very in-process. But friend. God cares for us and I really know that He has wholeness available.