Truth in Unsure Spaces

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I flipped through, trying to find the page I was looking for.

My finger got caught on a page because it felt different from the rest.

I smiled as I saw the page. It was from a former roommate on a day I was afraid.

The note sat buried in the Bible I use not very often because it’s to big to lug around.

My name on the top, a heart reminding me that I was not alone, she had written a note. The note told me that she was on my team, that I need not fear, and that things would be alright.

Below she had listed verses to provide comfort on a scary day.

I remember that day.

It was not actually that scary. It was not actually very awful.

But that week I was nervous about it. To me it felt big and daunting.

And my roommate? She’s a noticer.

She noticed my fear and acknowledged it. She did not act like I was silly or stupid. She simply spoke truth into a space where I was not confident.

Noticers are aware that fear is not a one definition type of word. The things that are scary and risky for me are not the same for everybody else.

The things that cause me to cry late at night might not be the same as the person three doors down.

But both are scary.

And both require acknowledgement.

Noticers recognize the scary and big things and walk hand in hand with their friends. They whisper “yes you can” and slide notes into your hand for you to open at any point that you might feel like things are too much.

Noticers speak truth into unsure spaces.

Are you a noticer? I hope so!