To Be Holy

Here's something I'm confident about: the Lord wants us to be holy and will help us to be holy.

You have an area where you're weak? Ask God for help.

You don't love the Bible? Ask God for help to love it. And stick your face in it. (The Bible!) Nobody ever fell in love with something by avoiding it. Pursue the Word.

You don't feel like you're good at sharing your faith? Ask God for help.

You don't feel very patient? Ask God to grow you in that.

I know from years of personal experience and testimony after testimony that the Lord loves to help us grow.

You don't have to suck at spiritual things. You also don't have to pretend. You can admit, to the Only Helper who knows how to actually do everything, that you're busted and broken and in need of help.

The Word of God says that God's strength is at its best when we are weak.

Whoa. Like. Whoa! Do you know of anybody else offering that kind of help? A help that's better when you're worse? A help that works better when you're working less?

Grace upon grace. Timely and perfect mercy. Kindness leading to repentance. His Joy as our strength.