In a moment of deep pain a few years ago, at the prompting of a friend, I asked God to help me believe that He loved me.

I knew it for others. I knew it for everybody! God loves you and you and you! And I just kind of figured I was covered by believing it for others and resting in the tension of not feeling it. I believes it sometimes and not all times.

But!! I just had a realization like 32 seconds ago when I realized how much my heart has shifted in this. Like, God loves me! In a way that sent Christ to the cross. In a way that wrote so many details of this Montréal move over my entire life. In a way that meets me in the night and holds me through til morning.

Friends. If you've got an area in your life where belief feels far, you don't have to just pretend and muster up belief. You can ask God to do a work. And maybe you'll notice it right away or maybe it'll take you until about three years later in the comments of a friend's insta when you realize you believe in this thing with your whole (freaking) heart.

Also? I'm believing this over other areas of disbelief in my life. And I'll happily tell you the fruit when it arrives.

Fruit arrives at harvest time. It's not helpful for it to arrive too early or late; it arrives at the right time.

You lacking something? Pray and pray and pray and read scripture and petition God to write a new thing over you.

And friend! In Jesus' Name, harvest comes on time!

And one more bonus thought: me believing in God's love for me puts flesh and bones onto my belief that His love is for everybody.

Pray. Believe. Hope. Harvest is coming.

(Edited to add: IT TOOK THREE YEARS! Be patient. Wait upon the Lord!)

This originally appeared on instagram.