The Little Things

remember the little things via nadinewouldsay

I heard my phone ringing but I was with a friend so I let it go to voicemail. Later when I checked, I saw that my Mom had called.

I clicked the voicemail and put it to my ear to listen.

“Hi. Just calling to say that there is a bunny in the yard right now and I wanted you to know.”

A bunny? In the yard?

I DID want to know!

It was silly and ridiculous and warmed my heart.

I think at that point I had been living away from home less than six months. My Mom and I still talked at least once a day (though nearly five years later it’s not like that has really changed).

We had moved in to the house she was calling from right before I graduated high school. I had lived there minimally but one thing we loved to do was spot the wild bunny out the window. There was a male and a female (we think) and we called them “bunny” and “rabbit”.

Again, silly and ridiculous.

So when she called me? I felt noticed and cared for.

That’s what noticers do!

They call their friends when they’re reminded of silly things.

They leave voicemails even though nobody leaves voicemails anymore.

Noticers call you because they care.

Noticers remember the little things and are not afraid to show it.

Are you a noticer? I hope so!

What's your favourite thing to remember about people?