I was waiting for my sister to arrive at breakfast and glanced out the window of the restaurant. I saw a lady who reminded me of someone. So I prayed for her. And I sent her a quick text saying I was praying peace over her day.

That initiated a conversation over text of a very specific struggle she was facing, that was hitting her extra hard that morning.

As I reflect on it, I am so aware that God uses foolish people like me to show Himself.

It's not that I'm good at praying and texting. It is that the Lord is excellent at prompting His children to intervene and call to Him for the sake of a brother and a sister.

Whenever you feel a prompt to pray for someone, you should! And not always, but certainly sometimes, text your friend and offer them a reminder that the Lord put them on your heart.

Cause nearly always, when I receive a text from a friend who has me on their heart, I am encouraged and reminded yet again that God is a good dad who loves His kids.