Take every thought captive

Taking every thought captive via nadinewouldsay

I'm sometimes surprised at what pops into my head. I guess this is why Scripture teaches to take every thought captive. 

Just now, I'm sitting on my couch. I'm reading my Bible, enjoying coffee, part-way through a tasty breakfast. My morning is the picture of happiness to me. It's probably my first Saturday in a few months that I haven't had a family thing or a shift at work. So I'm grateful today. I intentionally have kept this day free. If things happen, yay. If not, yay. 

All that is true. 

And then I think: "I'm all alone."

In different seasons, that thought would have worked. I would have gotten sad and filled my day. I would be texting right now to numerous friends just to see if please please please is somebody free today. 

Today? I'm not bound. I'm free. I'm free to choose a solo day with deep joy in my heart. A joy that's here to stay. 

Because the Lord is good at taking wounds - loneliness in my case - and covering them with truth.

Am I alone? Never! I have the Lord. I have good community. I have a full life that gives me joy. I have today to rest. 

Satan likes using yesterday's tricks. He's crafty. He's more into bringing us back to a bad time than pushing us forward. 

Jesus frees us from yesterday's trials. He frees us to live in love today. He frees us from worrying about tomorrow. 

So if a thought comes in, I'll take it captive. I'll give it up because it's not truthful and it's not going to make me love God and my neighbour. It's going to make my try to gain love for myself. No thanks. 

How do you take thoughts captive? Do you? Maybe think (pun intended) about starting. I bet some of your worries will cease as you stop even letting them into your head.