Advent Thoughts

It's not always easy for me to hop on the Advent train.


Maybe because I want everyone to experience anticipation for Jesus always. And maybe because all the advent "gear" costs money and seems to defeat the point.


Or maybe because I know that I don't really know how to ready myself.

How does one ready themself anyway? When company comes I clean up. When I have a meeting I dress up. When it's time for a date I basically debate for ten hours whether lipstick is cute or intimidating (And usually wear it and then sneak into the bathroom and take it off before the date starts). 

But for Jesus? For the Saviour of the world? How do I prep for Him?

Honestly, I'm not sure. But I think asking Him for help is the first step. And definitely slowing my pace and choosing to sit in His word instead of watching another episode. That's helpful too. 

And if there's anything I know about Jesus, it's that He doesn't care about things. I mean the physical things. He's not impressed by fancy. He's looking for a heart willing to say "come on in" because fact: He will stay awhile.

How's advent going for you? I am enjoying the intentionality of this season while having to fight hard to actually show up.

Good news: Jesus left heaven. He left perfection. He doesn't come to us expecting perfection. He wants our hearts. Our slimy grumpy privileged hearts.

If you are struggling with advent and need resources, She Reads Truth and Naptime Diaries both have beautiful resources. The SRT study is free on their site and you could start anytime.  

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