Sunshines Wishes

If I were to sit in the moments before the sunrise and worry "Will it rise? Will it rise? Will it rise?", I'd be wasting my time.

Of course it'll rise. It's the sun! That's what it does.

And on rainy days when the sun remains unseen, it'd be silly to wonder if the sun itself had fallen apart and abandoned its role. That thought process would be ridiculous.

God's mercy is the same.

I can wonder and worry if it'll show up, and I can fret that I'm used up my allotment for this life. But I'm wrong. That worry is a waste of time.

His mercy never end.

I might not always see and feel and obviously be able to comprehend the mercy of the Lord. That part is true.

Rainy seasons might cloud my perspective, and the long night might make me wonder if He has left. But the sun always rises. His mercy never ends.

And if for a moment or season I stand in a place where the sun doesn't reach, it might just be time to move my feet.

Walk into the sunshine friend. Believe and be saved.