Sunsets and the Love of God

I remember when I moved into my last apartment that my eldest sister told me that the view would be soul food for me. She knew—and I agreed with her—that a good sky easily points me to the Lord.

Tonight the sky was pure gold.

It was so good that after a friend and I got out of an UBER at residence, we walked back to an optimal vantage spot to sit and watch it longer. In the car we has seen the whole sun dance into pink and as we sat watching the sky slowly begin to darken I felt my heart heal.

I snagged my friend's phone to snap a picture (though it was significantly better in person). A new place is a lovely juxtaposition of glorious and hard. I'm a classic #enfp so I love newness and change but my heart also yearns for steady and known. I'm nearing one month in this city (how is that possible??) and I have been homesick more than I would like.

I'm meeting God again here.

I'm relearning grace. I'm introducing myself to worship in a whole different culture. It isn't easy or seamless. It's slower than my optimal timeline.

Eventually my friend left but I sat longer — I needed the soul food.

I stared at the colours and quietly sang the lyrics to Made Alive (by Citizens but a slower version is better) and reminded myself of the gospel. As the bugs increased in my view, I slowly walked back to res. I continued to sing, but now it was Ever Be (by Bethel). I prayed a renewed prayer of gratitude to the Lord for His never ending kindness. I asked Him to guide me to the right home, to lead me as I sort out a housing situation that needs to be sorted.

I checked my phone after getting back and saw an email about potential housing.

God doesn't always answer fast. And even this email doesn't mean I have housing.

But it sure felt like the love of God in tangible action to me.

Thank You Lord that You are God.

Hey you, lovely reader. How have you seen the love of God in tangible action? Email me @ because I would love to hear your story!