Sunflower People


Sometimes I feel like sunflowers are the faker flower. They're really big and beautiful and something about them makes me think they look kind of fake. 

But! They're not! 

They're not faking. They're real. They're the authentic type.  

Sunflowers are genuine and lovely. 

Let's be sunflower people:

Authentic, natural, genuine. Popping in and adding brightness to the view. 

Maybe there's a woman or friend who you've ruled out because they look [insert whatever they look like]. 

And maybe if you took some time chatting over coffee or wine and breaking some bread together, you'd discover something wonderful about them. 

Jesus invited himself over. He said "let's do dinner tonight!"

He went to tax collectors and rich people's and poor people's houses. He entered their places and met them as they were and loved them right away! 

I wonder how often I am missing out on a good (and maybe hard and difficult but fruitful) relationship because of how somebody seems/looks/acts. 

I want to be open and ready to encounter whoever God places before me. Cause maybe God  placed me on their heart! Who am I even to think I'm the only one who can offer something to others?

Let's be authentic sunflower people. No faking. Just genuine souls.