Snow Covered Sunflowers

You think you know how beautiful a sunflower is, until you see it knee deep in snow, still standing fairly tall, yet burdened and weighed down. Suddenly, you see a natural glimpse of how God gives strength for the weary.

Maybe that sounds insignificant to you, but I got snow inside my boots walking through the snow, needing to get close enough to this brave beauty.

nadinewouldsay sunflower snow

I don’t know about you, but I think 2017 was a rough one (for everyone but Swift apparently). One not for my book in terms of ease, but one for realizing how much God loves to draw near to the ones who are falling apart and can’t continue on their own. Read: me.

I used to spot the gospel story in clouds and grass, in colourful murals and hot steaming beverages. Lately I’m slower to spot redemption, a less rosy view covering my lenses. (I don’t like this by the way) So having a set of snow carrying sunflowers catch my eye through a bathroom window back behind the farmhouse? Well, that feels a lot like the kindness of God, reigniting my heart, reminding me that He is here, He is now, and He is ready.