Space At The Table

I heard it taught a few seasons ago that each of the disciples got to spend the same amount of time of their life with Jesus yet only a few were intimate with him. The pastor gently suggested that God offers us his whole self and it’s up to us how much we engage.

We get intimacy when we lean in. We get distance when we lean out. Yet God’s placement never moves. Christ has given his entire life for us.

At all moments God is God and we are not. But! We are His kids. In His kindness He lets us approach Him in prayer and worship. He has adopted us into His family and invited us to sit at His table.

Are we sitting at the table we have been invited to sit at or are we still waiting for another invitation? Friend, we have an open invitation to the table! If we have received Christ as our saviour, then the table is ours to sit at.

I sometimes think that the reason we don’t see God at work is because we haven't asked Him to be at work. We don’t feel Him because we haven’t been asking him to move. We don’t know Him because we don’t take any time to dig deep into His word. We feel distant but it’s kind of because we are too scared of the fact that we are no longer slaves but friends.

The table of Christ has enough room for all who have called on the name of God. Jesus said: “In my Father's house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?” (John 14:2). There is room in God’s home.

We don’t have to be distanced. There is space for us.

What about you? You sitting comfortably? You walking in the freedom and joy the Lord has offered you? Or are you still wandering around as if you don't have a home.

Today is the day. Walk in freedom.

An earlier version of this piece first appeared here.