Cycles of sin and grace


Whenever I forget that I'm a sinner, I forget that Jesus saved me. When I forget that Jesus saved me, I start to rely on my own strength. When I rely on my own strength, I get overwhelmed and worrisome. When I get overwhelmed and worrisome, I cease my worship. And well, that's sin. 

Grace and mercy meet me there, at some point during that cycle, to remind me that I've stepped out of truth. The kindness of the Lord will not allow me to continue in my sin. 

When I step back in truth, I repent of my sin. Once I've repented, I realize the kindness of the Lord. Once I realize the kindness of the Lord, I rely on His strength, willing to repent even more and live freely in His will. While relying on His strength, I have no reason to be overwhelmed or worrisome. Since I'm not overwhelmed or worrisome, I can simply worship in spirit and in truth.  

Sin cycles us away from Jesus.

But Jesus already did the work.

He is kind to us and offers us Himself, over and over again. His offer of grace is continuous and overwhelming and good and lovely and I'm ashamed that it often takes me a long time to repent of my sin. 

Grace grace grace.

Does your Monday need some? I promise only the Lord Jesus will give it to you. 

Or maybe it's not Monday for you. It's Thursday or Saturday night.

Mercy friend!

The Lord will always offer you mercy. You must turn from your sins. It will be hard but Christ died in your place so maybe it's time. 

Maybe it's time? It is time.