Shoes for Peace

Did a little studying recently on why we are called to wear the gospel of peace like shoes.

The description of spiritual armor given by Paul shows a ready warrior. A warrior is not ready for vacation but for work. And a soldier would wear everything described by Paul in Ephesians. A helmet, breastplate, and belt, while holding the shield and having their sword ready at any moment.

And also? They'd have shoes!

Who would ever go into battle without shoes on? You know who? An idiot. A fool. One who doesn't understand what kind of fight they're in. One who ran out into the battle scene without any preparation. One who doesn't know WHERE they are going.

Stand firm, therefore.

You can't stand particularly firm without shoes.

Unless you're vacationing or meandering your house, you're likely wearing shoes.

In the same way that we wear the belt of truth because we need truth to hold ourselves together so we can do the good work set before us, we need shoes.

Why aren't they the shoes of truth? Why not double up on truth? Wouldn't that be strategic?

Hm. Well. Maybe. But then what would we be bringing with us?

Soldiers are fighting FOR something.

We are soldiers of the Lord, bringing forth with every step that we take, the Gospel of Peace. We don't wave white flags in surrender but hold ready the Word of God. It's a peace unlike the world has ever seen, because it is dictated by One who stands outside of time.

Physical shoes keep our feet from danger. Spiritual shoes keep our whole lives from danger. In this world we will encounter trouble, but take heart, Christ has overtaken the world, and He has given us a news so good we wear it from our head to our toes.

You walking out the gospel today? Get after it! Let the gospel lead your direction. Let the gospel lead your conversations. Let the gospel overtake the plans you made.

Don't know what the Gospel is? Look it up. Speak it first to yourself, memorizing it into your soul.

Learn it in a sentence, in five sentences, in a paragraph. Learn it so you can whisper it quick or speak about it all day.

Everywhere you go, glance down and remember that what leads your steps is the very God who made the universe.