Rest the Cares

rest cares at the cross nadinewouldsay

Strangers are some of the easiest people to love. Probably because moments after I have smiled and cracked a joke, I leave. The moment is fun to cheer up a stranger and then I get to go on my merry little way.

Friends though? Family? Loved ones? Everybody?

They take time to be noticed.

I want to share inspiring words that light up the internet with hope but I also want to look you straight in the face and say: it’s okay if you find this difficult.

Living as a noticer can feel like constant stimulation and endless care. It can feel like you never get a day off and that you are tired of helping.

I get that. I hear that. I know that to be true.

So today I’ll stand here with my hand reaching out to yours, happy to grab it and just sit for a while as I repeat this over you:

It’s okay if you find this difficult.

And now I’ll say this: you’re not the hero.

Did you hear me? You’re not the hero. Thank goodness for that.      

Rest the cares of the world at the foot of the cross because only there will you find the healing that everybody needs.

Are you a noticer? I hope so.