{a walk through} psalm 79

I've been thinking much about my

{a walk through}

series lately, and how if somebody has arrived anytime after I started the series, they might be wondering what is going on.

Last year I started recognizing that I needed to make scripture a bigger part of my life. I wrestled with it, largely because I wasn't sure how to incorporate my own personal study here on my blog, without it coming across as a devotional, which isn't what I was aiming for.

There's nothing wrong with devotional style blogs, or blogs that spend a lot of time unpacking scripture, but I really wanted to just read a verse and just share what it made me think. No Greek, no Hebrew, no fancy hermeneutics.

Simply sharing how a holy word impacted me


I also wrestled with it because spiritual discipline takes that second word -


. I knew I wasn't making scripture a priority, so I had revamp the way I viewed it. I needed to see scripture as food, necessary for life, tasty and healthy.

This series has taken on different styles throughout the year. I sometimes like scrolling back through each Psalm in my images files because I can tell when I liked blue and when I liked ombre, and when I really liked bubbles. Lately I really love real images instead of simply coloured backgrounds (though today I am not proving that true). No matter the season, I always love colour.

That's true in normal life too


It's been a stretch for me as a designer, so much so that this is the first time I've written down that maybe I'm starting to think of myself as a designer. Not in a fancy, formal, or paid way. Just in a

I like to make all the images on my blog and


they don't suck

kinda way.

Anyway. The heart of the series has always been a few things:

be in the Word.

blog consistently about what you learn.

be okay if some weeks you don't share what you learn.

make and share images.


Up until my October break, every Tuesday and Thursday, I popped in with a Psalm. I started at Psalm 1, and have been slowly working my way up. It's my most long term project

probably ever

, and I love it. Some days I share thoughts on the scripture, some days I just share other things.

I say that I love it, and I do, but I realized something over the month off. Making the images for a twice a week series takes a lot of time. It takes away from writing time, and it takes away from life.

So I'm switching it up a bit.



told me I could

. It's true. We were chatting last week and I said that the series felt a bit burdensome and I was thinking about ending it, but how that felt like a cop out. She told me it wasn't a cop out.

Yay friends

. So instead of ending it completely, I'm revamping it.

Instead of twice a week, I'm just going to share one Psalm per week.

One thing Jessi & Haylie

pushed at influence

was the idea of a funnel. How we need to take all the things we do and funnel them down to the things that give us life. So this is me funneling down this series so it's a bit more life giving to my time.

Come by any Thursday. We'll be here. While you're at it, pop by anytime okay? 

Psalm 79

Psalm 79