{a walk through} psalm 75

Psalm 75

Psalm 75

I've shared this idea before, but it's been a while, so I am sharing it again.

On the days when I'm feeling particularly ungrateful, I go through the alphabet and spend the letters giving praise to God, or seeking His will, or thanking Him, or asking Him questions.

I list out 26 things (eg. a is for Abbey

my friend who just had a baby

, G is for Grady

my nephew who is too far away from me right now

, M is for Mom

my mom, duh

, S is for Soraya

my former co-worker whose husband lost his job

, W is for Westside

my church, and everybody had better be praying for their church okay???!?!?

) and it takes me a long time, but by the end of it, I always feel very aware of God's presence.

I feel grateful, I feel heard. I feel just a little bit more wise, and I also feel like maybe, just maybe, things are going to be okay.

How do you seek God's presence when you feel ungrateful? How to you call your heart to a place of gratitude?