{a walk through} psalm 63

Palm 63

Palm 63


Do you ever make that sound as you wrap your arms around yourself as you settle deep into a thought?

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent the weekend on a bit of an adventure. On Friday evening, I drove to my parents and enjoyed some time with my Mom followed with a video chat with one of my very favourite friends Mackenzie. I woke up the next morning, planning to leave early for the border, but ended up leaving at 2pm. Spending the morning

and part of the afternoon

chatting with my Mom made a lot more sense than beating border traffic.

I had to remind myself as I waited in border traffic though


I drove down to Bellingham for the bachelorette party of my friend Kym, the first friend I made through twitter. Sunday was spent enjoying good conversation and small adventures in Tacoma with my friend Brittany, another twitter induced friendship. I slept on her spare mattress and drove to Seattle.

Once in Seattle, I walked around a little bit, sat in a great coffee shop for a couple hours, and then drove downtown to meet up with

yet another

twitter made friend! Erika met me near her work and we walked over to Pike Place Market to enjoy lunch and good conversation.

All of that to say, from where I live, to where my parents live, to Bellingham, to Tacoma, to Seattle, and all the way back home -  it was a lot of driving.

This map does not include the time I got lost in Tacoma

. ;)

I love driving. I drove speed limit the entire way, which lengthened my drive by a bit, but it was a sweet time. I spent much of my time singing, laughing, crying, and just trying to listen to God.

Yesterday, at some point in my drive between Tacoma and Seattle in the morning, I prayed that the verse today would be a good one. I made the graphic last week, so I couldn't remember what the verse was.

Back to my


comment at the top.

I got home last night, and after getting some practical life stuff done, I sat down at my computer to see what was up this week on my blog.

I opened up this post, and that's all I said.


And then I wrote all these words.

I think that God sweetly answered my prayer and gave a just genuinely sweet Psalm for today.

See, 63 posts in, there have been an adequate amount of times where I have not loved the Psalm I've written on.

This Psalm, this 63rd Psalm, it's a good one.

I know that I cling to Jesus.

I know that His right hand is holding me upright.

And both of those things, those are good things.