{a walk through} psalm 48

Today is less about Psalm 48 and more about fun other stuff. BUT I didn't want to skip the day and I do love this verse.

I'm really excited to be over on my friend

Moriah's blog

today! I had a fun idea of doing a vlog instead of a typical blog sponsor post and she was all for it!

The questions she asked me were on the spot so I hadn't thought through them before. One answer that I gave was really good for me. I think I spoke out what I had been thinking about for a while so I want to share it below.

But go check out the vlog too okay?


That's the purpose of my blog.

Not that I'll be so good. 

But that God will really be so good.

Because HE IS SO GOOD!

And that I'll be able to show that through what I write.

You don't drink water just because you're weary. You drink it so that you don't become weary.

So let's drink up some of that living water today.

How do you actively seek the Lord? What are you doing to fill yourself up with truth?