{a walk through} psalm 47

God is so good. So so so good.

I'm a season of busy. So busy that I keep putting posts into drafts instead of finishing them and putting them up here. I'm so excited to come back here and dust off some cobwebs. I know I've still posted pretty consistently, but it's felt sparse for me. It's felt like I'm not here as much as I'd like because I serve a good God and I want to talk about Him. Yet busy keeps keeping me away.

I had plans to continue my refresh series tomorrow but I just don't think I have those words in me. I've made some sweet changes in the area of refreshment, but they'll be just as true next week and the week after. I'll also be over on Jessi's


Friday sharing a little about refreshment.

Speaking of refreshment, at least, speaking of things that make my heart get happy, let's talk about the Influence Network for a minute. This community is beautiful. One of my extra busy sections of life is happening over there. I'm doing a bit more behind the scenes in the forums to keep them kind and neat, which is fun. If you're considering joining the network, recently joined, or have been around for awhile, get excited about the network. Good things are in the works friends!

Friday I'm helping plan a fundraiser for a local church plant! I spent most of my day yesterday at the church office planning, emailing, praying, dreaming, and just getting stuff done! I'm so excited for my friends to start this new church. It's called

Christ City Church

and I'd love if you'd consider donating to their fundraising start-up fund. You can donate at


. If you're a local blog reader, be sure to come out to the event Friday! 

I absolutely love going to a church that is committed to planting churches.

This is the second church plant that's happened while I've been a part of the church, and I've only been going for just over 3 years.

On Sunday I was on worship team at church, and it was so good. The goodness had so little to do with my fingers hitting the keys and my voice hitting the notes. The goodness had to do with looking out at my church and watching people experience Jesus. The goodness was Jesus. It's such an honour. Few things bring joy to my heart like the opportunity to lead people in worship to Jesus.

I'm excited to hear how


are doing! How are you? What's keeping you busy? What's keeping you not busy? What's causing you to sing praise to God?