{a walk through} psalm 43

Interestingly enough, the last verse in Psalm 42 and Psalm 43 are the same. I had snagged the verse in Psalm 42 and was going to use it last week, but then I read Psalm 43 and saw the same verse.

Hm, interesting

. It's almost as if the writer was going through a hard season and saying the same prayers over and over again.

Now that, I can relate to.

I can relate to somebody feeling downcast, not wanting to feel downcast, and turning to God amidst a hard season. I get that person. I'm often that person. Anytime I'm downcast, I want to be out. I want to be the cheerful self I know.

One thing I've have learned is that I absolutely must tell myself the Gospel. When I find myself getting overwhelmed by circumstance, I can remind myself that my identity is in Christ. In the seasons where God's will seems foreign, I can be assured that God is faithful and consistent.

So no matter what you're walking through today, I really hope that you can hear these words:

God is for you