{a walk through} psalm 4

Starting January 2013, I decided to take a little step into a


big blog commitment. I'm going to walk through the Psalms on my blog. Until the book is done, I'll post a verse or two in a photo every single Tuesday and Thursday. The heart of this series is for me to be looking into the word and being intentional to post


words here. Sometimes it'll just be the one photo as a blog post, sometimes I'll share what the words in the verse meant to me as I read it, and sometimes I'll have a post going on that day that speaks of other things. Thanks for joining me in this Psalm walk through.

I shared a little bit about this verse over at

the be.loved blog

last year. The link is


. I'd love if you popped over there today to read that post and spend some time exploring that site. I'm no longer involved in writing but I am good friends with


, the lovely girl who started the site, and her heart is SO FOR JESUS. It's a site worth exploring.