{a walk through} psalm 37

As I write these words, it's Sunday evening. I made all the graphics for Psalm 30-40 a few weeks ago, so when I pop online to add my thoughts, it's usually the night before or the weekend before.

I opened it just now and let out


, Which probably doesn't sound attractive, but it was actually the beginning of some worship.

I needed these words this minute. I just spend some time calling out to Jesus, asking Him to act in my living situation. I just sang the words

all of my life, in every season, You are still God, I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship

and I mean them will all of my heart.

I needed to take a step back from the pleading and simply worship Him for who He is.

On church we sang that song, desert song, and it was absolutely incredible. Because I felt freedom, and I felt the church feel freedom. There is power in praising God regardless of our circumstance. This video below is of the two ladies (and a dude right at the end of the video) who sing the song at Hillsong. I really


encourage you to take the few minutes to watch it. I'd seen it before but seeing it again Sunday night was just powerful for my heart.

And it made me cry


The way is unknown if I try to plot it out myself. 

If I trust in God, the way is known, because the way is His. I know Him well.

Commit your way. Check.

however cautiously based on my sinful inability to fully commit to Him


Trust in Him. Check.

however tentativally since sometimes I forget that He's God and that I'm


not God.

He will act.