{a walk through} psalm 35

Have you ever found yourself stuck under water just a little bit too long? You pop out of the water, very much out of breath, and just gasp until you've found yourself again. Your heart rate is up, your whole body feels tense.

Slowly you calm down. You might even pop back into the water. 

You breathe normal. In and out.

You think back to that moment and wonder why you got stuck, why you couldn't quite get up, and you determine

at least in your mind

to never ever do that again!

I'm almost breathing normal. I'm so very close.

And in a couple weeks, I really think I'll be back to normal, simply determining how to enjoy the water without getting stuck.

This is vague, and potentially an odd post.

But God is good, I trust in Him fully, and I believe that He will provide for the needs in my life. They're real and big, and He's been faithful up until today.

I trust Him for tomorrow.

And tomorrow,

and really today as well

, I will rejoice in the Lord, exulting His salvation.

What about you? Floating? Drowning? Coming up for air? Taking a dive right into the deep?

I gotta say, I do love these Psalms