{a walk through} psalm 33

I haven't written a lot recently about school, but back in October, I quit school mid-semester. It was pretty overwhelming and I'm still not sure if it was a


decision, but it was the decision I made. I can't say I'd recommend quitting school mid-semester to anybody, simply because it will actually

kind of

ruin your life, but for me, I was falling apart. I didn't set out to quit but found myself with only one class remaining as I had been dropping classes like they were pennies in a fountain. The one class remaining, I quit it, since girl cannot live on one class alone, and set out to

find myself


I started looking for full-time work immediately. I was never without work, but up until January, I was working minimum wage and part-time. It was a great season to be intentional with my time, but also was really tiring and exhausting in other ways. I can't even begin to explain however, the amount of blessing I saw in that season. My parents went above and beyond the call of parenting and paid my rent, paid my bills, and accepted my


humbling apologies that I needed to borrow money

yet again

. My community group leaders gave me a gift card for groceries, and the day that one ran out, my church gave me one, and the day that one ran out, my sister gave me one.

It was huge

. It was humbling. It was utterly devastating, and yet pointed me to the God who provides for His children so very much.

Right at the beginning of January, I managed to find a new job. It was a blessing, but within days, I was pretty sure it wasn't the right fit. I stayed at that job up until



yep, that means today I am right now finishing my role

) and spent a lot of time praying and praying, praying and praying, petitioning and begging God for a job that I was passionate about. Tomorrow begins said job.

I don't trust in God simply because He did just provide this role, I trusted in Him throughout because He is worthy of my trust.

It's to the God, spoken of in

Psalm 33

, who I've been praying to. The God who gives good gifts to His children (

Matthew 7)

. The God who created all things (

Genesis 1

). The God who gave His life so that those who call upon His name can go from death to life (

Romans 6:1-7


I'm truly excited to share that I wrote

some words

for my friend


, the lovely blogger over at

a place to dwell

. She's hosting a series on dreaming,

calling all dreamers

. When I wrote the words, I was in the trenches of waiting. I was waiting and waiting for God to respond to my prayer. I shared that I once had a dream, that I had lost the dream, and I will dream again.

I really am ready to dream again.

I'm ready to go to my Jesus, to sit at His feet, to listen to His voice, and to walk confidently in what He calls me to do.

And not only am I ready to dream again -

I am dreaming already


What are you dreaming about? Where are you seeing God work?