{a walk through} psalm 28

We're all going through some stuff right? I've got stuff all around that I'm trying to decipher, and I can almost promise you that you are too. 

I'm so grateful to have the hope that I have deep in my heart. Hebrews speaks of that hope being an anchor.

Last night at community group, I shared how that hope isn't based simply in a God who created the world. 

God didn't just give us the law.

God didn't just give us morals.

God didn't even just give us Jesus.

The work of the cross should be enough.

That should satisfy.

That should be enough for all the moments.

But God didn't even stop there.

He gave us the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit hears my calls in each and every moment of my life. 

Jesus intercedes on the behalf of all who call upon His name.

Now that, that is amazing.

Where are you seeing God work today? Where are you calling and hearing?