{a walk through} Psalm 150


I should have a beautiful and poetic finish to this series. What started as something to provide some kind of consistency to this space has gradually shifted. In certain seasons I've written more and less on each Psalm. I've often simply created the graphic each week.  


But ultimately I have learned several things. 

1. The Psalms teach me that God is not afraid of my emotion.  

2. Living in the Psalms is not safe. It's good to sing them and breathe them as prayers but if I only look here, I will only ever remain emotional. I need Biblical truths found elsewhere to link alongside these genuine prayers and songs. 

3. Sheesh. There be some heavy stuff here. Often I found myself seeking the easiest verse in the chapter to write about. I'm not one generally leaning toward vengeance and anger. So to read Psalms praying for God's vengeance? Very interesting for sure.  

4. Jesus is the answer. He really is. I'm so grateful to live in a time where I know the end. David didn't know the end. He didn't know of Jesus. So I am glad that I can read certain Psalms and know that Jesus has fixed things. 


I really am unsure about where to take this space now. It's been a good way to keep this space updated, having this weekly little pop-in. I'll have to see if I can think of a new way to keep myself writing and exploring scripture.