{a walk through} psalm 15

Starting January 2013, I decided to take a little step into a


big blog commitment. I'm going to walk through the Psalms on my blog. Until the book is done, I'll post a verse or two in a photo every single Tuesday and Thursday. The heart of this series is for me to be looking into the word and being intentional to post


words here. Sometimes it'll just be the one photo as a blog post, sometimes I'll share what the words in the verse meant to me as I read it, and sometimes I'll have a post going on that day that speaks of other things. Thanks for joining me in this Psalm walk through.

The call is high in this Psalm. It isn't for the person simply looking for a god who lets you live however you'd like and turn to that god when you need something. This is a call to the one looking to live for God and serve Him well.

I'm taking a course through my church, and we talked a bit a couple weeks ago about learning the balance between call and comfort. We are


by the fact that we are saved and we are


to live for Christ in each moment. It's far more compliated than that, but that's what I'm remembering today.

To live for Christ and to let Christ live for me.

I like that.

Honestly, I found this Psalm sweetly convicting. Convicting to love better, forgive better, speak truth louder, to quiet myself more often, and a few other things too.

Conviction is sweet for me. I want to live more and more for Christ. I'm excited when He sees me fit to be stretched

yet again

and again and again and again


I never want to be still.