{a walk through} Psalm 145

The bad day ended and I could go home. I wandered away from the situation that had made up my day and instead of wandering up to the bus stop, I told myself to walk part of the way home.

I knew it was time to approach the throne. It was time to appeal to my God and ask Him for His aide.

And I knew that I could not just pray about myself.

I had to acknowledge God as God.

I walked and prayed and affirmed the characteristics of God. I let myself hop on the bus when my heart shifted from frustration to joy. I also knew why the shift had happened.

When I sit in a situation and let it wash over me, I forget about the Lord. I forget about letting Him be in charge and I lean on myself. Most definitely, I lose my joy.

If I find myself without joy, I should ask myself when I last approached God. I should do a little self-check to see if He seems far or close.

Joy is a fruit of His Spirit, so if I'm not experiencing joy, it's a safe assumption - at least for me - that I may have wandered away from God.

My joy came back as I remembered more and more who God is.

I love Psalm 145 because it beautifully lists out various attributes of God.

If you're in a funk like I was, might I suggest a quick read through Psalm 145. Remind yourself of who God is. Remind yourself that He is kind in all His works. Be at ease as you recall that He is the Lord and you are His child (if in fact you believe).

I quickly and often say "choose joy". It's something I believe in. But here's the thing:

Joy isn't found in situations. Joy isn't lost by situations. Situations can aide joy to come more naturally or less naturally but joy is not based on situations.

Joy is lost when our eyes wander away from the throne of God onto other things.

So shift your eyes back to Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith. Your joy will return.

Psalm 145 via nadinewouldsay