{a walk through} Psalm 134

A prayer for 2015 and Psalm 134 via nadinewouldsay


May this year be the one in which we spend more time on our knees in the presence of the Lord than on our feet avoiding Him.  

May this year be the one in which we raise our hands in worship more than we clench them in fear. 

May this be the year where joy comes not only in the morning, but in the mourning. Let us learn to feel the things that we experience, and let us be people willing to feel emotions that seem foreign. Let us join hands with our friends and be willing to mourn and rejoice together, sometimes on the same day when that's the kind of day it is.  

May this be the year that we forgive. Jesus suggested an equation of 70x7. I tend to want to stop before one time or after two. Yet the call is different. May we forgive always and continually and often. 

May this be the year where we seek peace and justice, never letting one be greater than the other.  

May this be the year in which we daily preach the Gospel to ourselves. Christ died on a cross and we need to be reminded of that because how possibly can we share Him with others if we barely share it with ourselves.  


Regardless of circumstance, this is a year to bless the Lord. Seek His face in the holy space. Worship Him in gladness and awe. Raise your arms to Him! Surrender and walk freely. 

Happy New Year!