{a walk through} Psalm 126

Psalm 126 via nadinewouldsay

A disposition of thankfulness and gratitude makes for a much easier life than one of grumpiness and being miserable.

I don't make a habit of writing down the things that I am thankful for, but I try to keep them in my mind. I try to spot the good in situations and spot beauty. Heck, that's what inspired my Living as a Noticer series in October.

No matter what your life looks like currently, take time to remember what God has done. And if you can't remember anything in your recent past, look to the cross. Look to the God who became man so that sinners may have life.

THAT is a reason to be thankful.

What's something you're extra thankful for? Me? I'm on my practicum right now so getting hands on work in the field I'm working to be in. It's SO much more fun than being in class learning via textbook. I'm thankful for this time.