Privilege via nadinewouldsay

I sat in a friend's home this morning and ate a tasty meal. And I felt it.

I stood in the grand and large sanctuary that my church uses on Thursday at worship practice. And I felt it.

I edited a paper for a class that requires me to utilize my skills and talents as a writer. And I felt it.

 Privilege . Opportunity.

A very large portion with hard things but many many easy things.

I keep asking God why. Why do I get this and others get hate?

And then I stood in the grocery store paying for my food just now and I realized that the issue isn't that far removed from me. Because I realized that most of the people who get killed because of hate are simply living their life.

Hate travels quickly. It's cruel and horrible and teaches people to make awful decisions.

So then what? Just stay home? Just only talk to kind people? Never travel? Never invite strangers into your life? Never be vulnerable?

Where is the love? Where has it gone? What is going on?

I'm not sure. I've got opinions and thoughts but truly, my only prayer is "Come Lord Jesus" because there is no other Hope. There's no other good thing.

Today I'm praying for France and Baghdad and Syria and Canada. I'm broken about youth living on the streets and children being sexually abused. I'm broken about shooters and bombs. And my belief that the cross of Christ is enough is still true. I'm asking Jesus to come. Because it sure feels like it is time.

Don't fool yourself by thinking yesterday [this post was written in November and was relevant to the current issues of the day] wouldn't have happened in a different time period. Hate always exists and shows his ugly form in a multitude of ways. And compassion shouldn't simply be reserved for white people and western cultures.

Compassion is for everyone.

So love. Love greatly and generously and sacrificially. Love your enemies so that they learn love instead of hate. Train up your children to love everyone.

Do it. Because Jesus Christ left heaven so that sinners can know Him and have life. And while this life is temporary, it's also our time to serve the Lord with our every moment.


This piece was originally shared on instagram in November 2015.