Praise Thank Forgive

be quick to praise thank and forgive nadinewouldsay

“I’m at your favourite coffee shop!”

I read the text and tried to decide in my mind which coffee shop she might be at. But then I thought of another one and another one and another one so I simply responded something like “YAY!”

“Do you know which one I mean?”

“Nope. Maybe Milano or Matchstick or Revolver.”

“I’m at Woods. You have a lot of favourites.”

Noticers have a lot of favourites.

Sometimes I feel like this makes me inconsistent but more so I think it makes me fun! I love things and love lots of things. My favourites change but I do know red is my actual favourite colour. But I sure do like green and blue and yellow, you know?

I love black coffee the best but often really like it with some milk or soy. Never sugar though.

Pizza is my favourite. Mac & Cheese is my favourite. Chicken Caesar wraps are my favourite. Chicken is my favourite. Nope. Steak is my favourite. Hm, sandwhiches are my favourite. Ultimately, it’s pizza but also it’s everything. Oh wait. Cheese.

That last paragraph? That’s my mind most of the day. Thoughts and then more thoughts and it’s funny and good up in there.

I’m loyal but also willing to try new things.

I’m consistent in that I love the Lord. That's the only thing that's steadfast about me I think.

Noticers are quick to double tap on insta because who doesn't love getting hearts, quick to post because thoughts are better shared, and say yes to too many things because DUH that’s what we do.

I think it is fun to live a life of celebration.

I have a lot of favourites because I think there are a LOT of good things happening. I love alleyways the most and the beach the most and the forest the most. I love summer and I love fall and I love spring. I don’t love winter and I’m okay with that because when it snows suddenly I will.

Be quick to praise, quick to thank, quick to forgive.

You’re good at that.

I’m glad you did that.

It’s okay that you did that.

I think if everybody did those three things - praise, thank and forgive - life would be a whole lot easier.

Live by those three. Noticers do.

Are you a Noticer? I hope so!