The Gift of Multiple Personalities

I'm slowly learning about the enneagram, about different personality types, about how others see the world. I'm grateful every time a friend can articulate the ways they see something different than I do, because I get to see another aspect of God's character.

I feel mighty grateful that God has created MULTIPLE personalities, and that we can all be attentive to His Spirit in the way He designed us!

What a gift that I don’t have to carry a burden that I can’t seem to worship like you, and that I don’t have to project shame upon you because you don’t pray like me. Wow. What grace that God shows us how diverse He is by making us all different. Each image bearer showing His beauty!

Let’s all of us worship the Lord with our whole selves! It’ll be the prettiest song because our multiple lives will sound like a song of many harmonies, all singing HOLY HOLY HOLY.

Ain’t nothing better than all of us doing the work God wrote on our individual hearts to do. The specifics vary from me to you to her to him, but the underlying fact is this: we exist to make Jesus known.

So let’s do it!