Pep Talk for Walking in the Light

If you are in Christ, let me grab your face and speak some truth over your sweet life. No need for shame and looking away if any of this makes you feel like you’re messing up. Nah friend, you’re already Loved. Shame is dead and actually not really allowed for us k? The light of Christ is on you. Let’s walk into that Light.

Our identity in Christ is fixed. Culture says identity is fluid. Jesus has declared Family and Security (aka freedom) over us. Our identity is fixed. You walking like you’re known or are you trying to be found still?

Because we have been declared FREE by God, we must walk in freedom. No more believing that we aren’t free. No more working for freedom. Belief! We are free indeed.

Some of us are tired and have forgotten that we have access to Living Water. We are drinking from broken cisterns (we are happy to use a chipped familiar mug when we have a new one with our actual name on it). It’s time for that to stop. We claim we are tired of tired but we aren’t actually drinking Water. We have full access. Drink. This means read your Bible.

On almost the daily I see divisions happening. But we are told to demolish divisions. FIGHT for unity. Forgive. Ask for forgiveness. Humble yourself and choose unity.

On almost the daily I hear about hatred happening. But we know that we can love because we are so loved by God. There’s straight up no room for hatred in our hearts.

Jesus literally left Heaven! That can’t feel like old news because it is crazy! That God would so bend down to meet us. That Jesus would enter our grief so that we might one day be without grief.

Some of us have taken off our armour. We have let go of the only Sword we have been called to use (the Word of God). We have stopped putting truth around us. We aren’t remembering that we have been declared righteous.

It’s time to step back into the game. I know we are tired. Heck, I am tired. But this is the only time in all of eternity God is letting us in on the work.

Let’s fight this good fight!

You in?