Oh hello


Oh hello you. 

How is your life? Mine has been a delightfully good kind of full and this little plot of land here has gone a bit untouched. 

A bit? Okay, I admit it. I left you hanging.

((Or maybe college is busy and I like good grades!))

Either way, I'm popping in today to lightheartedly strike up the conversation. I've got 27 topics swirling in my head and I'm nearly ready to tap them into existence and share them here. 

If by magical chance you're reading this, I'd sure love to hear from you. It was a reader's email and the encouragement of a stranger - who recognized me after she read something here after she googled the topic (I do Zip Zero Nada No SEO so that felt like a fun little miracle) - that prompted me to pop in today. 

What should I write about? What's missing in your reading feed? What topics aren't being explored? What's the heart beats you're hearing? Please tell me if you've got an idea. Writing from a prompt is fun for me!

Me? What am I thinking about? Thanks for asking! 

I've got some words on loneliness, on the problem with Christian dating (hello hot topic I want to avoid!), on staying and leaving in good and hard times, and how the gospel being fluent on our tongues is the only way to live freely. 

I've a book or two I'd really like to recommend, an album or eight I've got on repeat I wanna tell you about, and all of a sudden I'm all kinds of inspired to switch this space back into what I always knew it would be. 

My name means hopeful one. This space is my hope chest. I'm glad you're here. I'll be back soon! 

Missed ya!