No Junk Mail Please


And I was walking out of my apartment just now I noticed something on the door that we have had up since soon after we moved in. 

"No junk mail please."

It's just one of those things you have to put up to stop advertisements from arriving in the mailbox. And for whatever reason as I looked at it, I had a realization that I need one of those in my mind. 

Though I can't control what coupons and advertisements the mailman brings into my apartment building, I do have control over what he puts through the door. The simple sign is enough to stop the annoying stuff from entering the apartment. 

It's the same in my mind. I can't necessarily control what goes in front of my eyes, or what someone says near me, or what I happen to read at any given moment, but I do have a choice whether I let what I see seep into my mind and affect my life. 

At all times I can say "Goodbye. Not today. I will not let you come in". 

What if we wrote some signs in our minds to help us take each thought captive?

Will you join me today in putting some signs up? 

Whether that means you actually write something down or put it on your phone lock screen or on your front door or steering wheel or wherever you find your eyes most often.  Write something that says "no junk mail please". 

In addition, ask the Lord to put up some boundary lines in your mind. I believe He will if you ask Him to. 

Whatever it is that you need to do, will you do it? 

Submit your thoughts to the Lord, your mind to the Lord, your thoughts processes to the Lord, the things that resonate all day in your mind to the Lord. Submit it to Him and then choose to faithfully not let the bad thoughts in. Trust that He will help you. 

I believe we have a lot more available to us from the Lord and I really believe that today He saying to you and to me that if we want to get some stuff out of our mind we can! In Jesus Name we can! 

Let's do it.