No More Silver Linings

What if instead of seeking silver linings we looked instead for green ones?

Because green usually means life is growing. We don't need more silver. We need life.

The Lord is at work. He is at hand. He is drawing pleasant boundary lines.

And maybe that greenery we think is growing in an unexpected place? Maybe that thing will cause someone to stop in their steps and marvel at God. And isn't that our goal? Isn't His glory our goal?

Maybe this season though, the lines are still being drawn. Or maybe that's the way it feels.

He isn't far. Let's believe that God is not far or distant from us.

The Holy Spirit is in us, Jesus Christ advocates for us, and God in Heaven is in charge. And all of them, the entire Trinity? None of them are surprised by what has happened today. They're in it. Around, behind, above, within. Everywhere. God is in it.

So maybe don't look for silver linings so much.

Look for the green things. He's at work. Believe it friend.

An earlier version of this piece was first on insta.