Marked by Generosity

live marked by generosity nadinewouldsay

It consistently amazes me how quickly kids will say words like “love” to just about anybody.

I watched a few boys twice in the past week. I had not seen them in a while before this week but have spent lots of time around their place.

I walked in their front door last night to one of the boys popping a piece of gum out of his pack and handing it to me. I didn’t even want gum but I took it and popped it into my mouth.

Because wow, that was generosity in action: a three year old giving away a coveted piece of gum to a babysitter he does not know well.

Noticers are kind of like that.

Quick to give away the things they love. Not to gain affection but simply to put others first.

Quickly reaching out to give and to take (in the good way) love and smiles.

Quickly leaning over to their brother to make sure he can reach his cup of milk. Oh wait, that was the generous gum kid.

Noticers are not stingy.

Noticers are marked by their generousity.

They're generous with their time, resources, love and kindness.

They're stingy with their clipped responses, rudeness and passive aggressive comments.

Noticers do not wait for the neighbour to ask for a cup of sugar. They give sugar to everybody they meet. Well, metaphorical sugar.

Are you a noticer? I hope so!

Tell me about a time when somebody noticed you lately. How did it make you feel?