Living Out Influence Everyday

Living out Influence everyday via nadinewouldsay

Specifically, these words are to anyone who attended the Influence Conference this past weekend, but also they're for anybody who hears something from God and then wonders what now?

Regret be gone:

Let me tell you something. If you believe that God is sovereign over your days, then you need to believe that you connected with the RIGHT amount of people. Don’t regret conversations you meant to have or words you said. Walk freely knowing that the Lord is in charge. Repent if you said something actually bad or if you bailed on a conversation you should have had, but then walk away okay! Seriously. I mean this with love: get over it!

In Jesus Name

One thing I heard over and over and over and over!!! at the conference was this declaration “In Jesus Name”. I’m all for that, but it’s not common practice in my life. I pray that when I end my prayers but I don’t slip it into everyday conversation but In Jesus Name, I’m slipping it in. I’m slipping it in when I chat with a friend about the smallest part of her day because I believe in the Jesus who cares for the small things. 

Spirit of the Lord --> freedom! 

Another thing I felt tangibly was freedom. Freedom was almost swallowable! It was everywhere. There were moments when I was tempted to leave the freedom and enter the lies but then I would look around! I’d see women praying for others, women dancing to whatever song was on, women quietly journaling, women sharing stories, women laughing loud for all to hear. Freedom. It was everything.

Why? Because where the Spirit of the Lord is, freedom exists. 

Coming home I’m leaning confidently on the truth that He is here also. The Spirit of the Lord does not simply attend conferences and church functions. He attends buses and Chemistry classes, He shows up on walks down the street, meal at the table, and in bedroom late at night when ideas feel stormy. The Spirit of the Lord is available to all believers. I think we miss Him because we don’t know to ask Him to show up. 

I’m asking Him to show up. I’m expectantly looking around me and asking Him where He is and then leaning right on into Him.

Talk to your offline peeps

This has been harder for me. Part of me wants to keep the weekend sacred. And parts of the weekend do need to be quiet.

There were times when in Jesus' ministry when He healed people and told them to not tell anybody and there were times when He healed people and happily took credit loudly. I’m praying about which parts are which. Which moments from the conference need to remain between me and Jesus? And which moments do I need to share with lit up eyes so that others catch on that Jesus is for you RIGHT NOW!

Let people in. Do it wisely. Don’t post everything to social media. Be prayerful. Truly prayerful. Ask the Lord for His wisdom. He’ll tell you if you listen.

And probably? Probably your close friends should hear what God said. Probably you need to tell someone who sees you on a consistent basis so that they can hold you accountable (in a good way) to live up to what God has called you to.

Reread your notes

This is just practical. In school, the students who remember the most and succeed are the ones who review their notes. So review your notes! Read them again tonight and put a note in your planner to re-read them in two weeks. 

I journaled out the entire weekend on my flight home. I’m sure I still missed some points but I wanted to remember certain specific things. 

I’ve also got a plan in my mind to reconnect with some specific people in a few weeks. To check in and see if they’re praying everyday, if they’re choosing joy in the small things, if they’re living free. (That’s three specific friends who hopefully could see their name written in their part of the sentence. Do it friends!!) 

Jesus died on the cross for your freedom

This is where I hop up on a little box and get a bit mouthy at you. Jesus is always gracious and merciful. Always! So if this next part sounds legalistic and rule based, I promise you I just typed it wrong.

Stop forgetting what you heard! Stop letting truth slip through your fingers and out of your head!

With grace in my eyes friend, I tell you: don’t forget! Don’t forget!

This is the part where I want to have you over for dinner. I want to make you a meal and sit face to face - maybe there's a few of us at this meal - and speak this over you with so much love for you and for our Jesus.

Jesus died for your freedom and you’ve been back three days and you’re already walking in chains. Why? Why have you put back on the shackles Jesus died to take off of you? He is not putting them back on you. The kindness of God leads to our repentance and our repentance leads us to leaving behind our sin. Leaving behind our sin leads us to intimacy with the Lord. Intimacy with the Lord leads us to freedom.

Don’t you want to live in freedom? Don’t you believe it’s possible even if you live a busy and full life? If you don’t, you need to explore that with the Lord. Search scripture and ask God to teach you to believe truth in the everyday. 

This weekend you got freed. So did I! Don’t put your chains back on. 

Jesus Christ Himself started a work in you this past weekend at the conference and Jesus Christ will finish it. 

One last thing:

I've been a member of the Influence Network since it began. I was lucky enough to become a Lifetime Member and was one of the original crew who said yes when Jess and Hayley asked if people would jump on board. I love the Network. It's a space where the Gospel is spoken and women are free to be themselves. If you'venever joined, maybe think about it! It's not just for internet peeps like me. It's for women who love Jesus and who want to live intentionally. Click here to become a member. Even if you just try it for one month I think it's worth it. You get a TON of resources each month, one free class with your membership, and unlimited access to forums that are really fun to be a part of. Become a member. I think that's a good action step for you to take if you're looking for some intentional spiritual living.  And fun fact: I'll be teaching a class next month on contentment. I'd love to see you there!

Tell me in the comments what moment was the most beautiful for you at the conference this past week? Or if you weren't there, what's something you're hearing from God that you want to live out? How have you walked in freedom this week?