Living As A Noticer

31 days of living as a noticer nadinewouldsay

In October of 2014 I spent 31 days sharing a bit of a how-to guide for living as a noticer. What is a noticer? It's more of a who actually! Click around the links to learn more.

Day 1. (Scroll down to read) Living as a Noticer.

Day 2. Expect Wonderful.

Day 3. Truth in Unsure Spaces.

Day 4. Do Talk to Strangers.

Day 5. Love Each Other.

Day 6. Rest the Cares.

Day 7. Hand Holding and Fist Pumping.

Day 8. Brights Lights.

Day 9. Choose to Remember Names.

Day 10. Stories of an Alley.

Day 11. Unknown Destinations.

Day 12. Know the Truth.

Day 13. Interruptible

Day 14. Marked by Generosity.

Day 15. Not the Hero.

Day 16. Hold Out For Hope.

Day 17. Ask Good Questions.

Day 18. Praise. Thanks. Forgive.

Day 19. Moved with Compassion.

Day 20. Joyfully Live in the Messiness.

Day 21. Actually See People.

Day 22. The Little Things.

Day 23. Believe that Mercy Comes.

Day 24. Call Upon Jesus.

Day 25. Dandelion.

Day 26. Fill the Glass.

Day 27. Deep and Wide.

Day 28. Boots and Stillness.

Day 29. Key to Happiness.

Day 30. Sparks.

Day 31. Live With Intention.

I found myself suddenly paying more attention over the past year. I think it had to do with a whole list of things being taken away from me all of a sudden just right about this time last year. I suddenly realized that I needed to appreciate the big things and the small things with a bit more gusto.

All of a sudden I found myself as a noticer.

What’s a noticer? Well, it’s not a what. It’s a who. And yes, I made the word up. Then I looked online and saw that I wasn’t the first to use it. Whatever. I'm using my own definition.

A noticer is one with hope in her eyes. He’s the one who remembers the name of the friend he has only met once. She is quick to invite people into the conversation.

A noticer is deeply rooted but swings wildly. Do you get that picture? Like a tree deeply planted, her roots are far into the ground. Yet her branches are far reaching. They reach high into the sky, stretching above the city. They reach across the yard, from east to west. They point in every direction so that no matter which way you’re coming from, you know which way is home.

Over this next month, I’ll be exploring what it means to live as a noticer.

I’ll talk about my love for photo walks, about how knowing who I am helps me to notice others. I’ll explore a lot of these thoughts Biblically, because for me, that’s where I root myself.

I’ll talk about Jesus because I believe He is the ultimate NOTICER.

He noticed enough to spot Zacchaeus in the tree, to know the woman at the well’s story, to make sure His mother was cared for when he died, and He notices all who call upon His name.

Are you a noticer?

I hope so. I’ve found living life looking outward and spotting beauty has made me appreciate the delicate sweet things.


Join me for the month of October, for these 31 days to living as a noticer.

I'm joining in with a lot of others for this month long endeavour. Hosted by The Nester, you can learn more over at 31 days.