Key to Happiness

the key to happiness via nadinewouldsay

There's a scene near the end of the movie About Time where the protagonist realizes the key to a happy life. He has the ability to go back and redo each day, but he decides to pretend that each day is his second run through. 

So he stops to chat more, savours things quicker and longer, and he simply lives a life of awareness. 

The movie has it right: the key to happiness is to live each day like you already have lived it. 

Live life well.

I think that's the key point I'm trying to learn and write out. Both for myself and for whoever you are.

I can get a bit theology bent when I write about happiness. I get confused and I determine that happiness isn't the goal. I decide that I have to call it joy and that even that should be monitored.

The happiness not being the goal part? That’s true. 

Happiness is not the goal of life. But I sure think it's the byproduct of a well lived one. 

Noticers treat each day not like it's their last but like they are on the second try. 

People who treat each day like their last do bold things and try crazy things and take risks. That's alright. 

But I would rather live a life of gratitude. I'd rather slow my pace. Living like the last day quickens my pace to get MORE done. Living well today lets me LIVE more.

Living like I'm on my second try sounds a bit more like grace. 

Noticers live well and with freedom.

I live freely within the doctrine of grace. 

Noticers are free and happy.

Happiness is less about doing lots of things and more about loving the moments you're given.

Savour everything.

They're not just free as in silly and unworried. They're free because they GET that grace is now and always and constant. So mistakes are okay. 

I was in a classroom yesterday and the teacher made a mistake while writing something down. The students caught it and she looked up and said, “mistakes are okay remember”.

She’s living under a beautiful grace in that moment. A grace that lets her mess up, admit her mess up, and move on without getting bent out of shape.

Noticers? We live well. We live free. 

Are you a Noticer? I hope so!