In a Permanent Way

Can you imagine if someone drew on all the walls in sharpie and all over the floors and the roof and on your car and on your face and in your fridge and under the oven and actually everywhere?

Can you imagine if there was so much mess, drawn in such a permanent way, that there wasn't a way to get it off?

If you are a Christian (aka if you believe that Jesus is Lord, that you are a sinner, and that He has made you new) then your name is written in a permanent way in God's book of life.

Let that hit you hard and then let your heart be renewed because the Gospel is true and Jesus loves you so much.

Christ loves you in a permanent way. He left heaven and made a way for you and me to enter. He wants to be with you forever. He loves you that much.

Jesus Christ loves YOU in a permanent way.


An earlier version of this first appeared on instagram.